A Birthday Mishap

The postman arrived unusually early with a large lumpy package under one arm. Amy signed for it and the postman hurried away, looking back over his shoulder at the delivery. Amy took the parcel and placed it on the sofa in the front room. The delivery began to wriggle and squirm to try and free itself from its brown-paper confines. This was curious and unusual behaviour for a package. Most of them, in Amy’s experience, did not do this. She decided to intervene. Tearing open the paper, she saw a small dark blue Dragon that was struggling in a doomed-but-determined sort of a way against the cellophane that bound its wings, and trying to bite through some duct tape with little success. Amy fetched the scissors and freed it. Continue reading “A Birthday Mishap”


Do Actors Deserve To Be Paid?

Do actors deserve to be paid?


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…all right, look, this is a complicated question and deserves a slightly longer answer than that. I’m a little worried to be writing this because I’m sure that I’m going to tread on a few toes here, but this is a very important topic to me, so I’ll throw my tuppence into the great swirling void that is the internet. Continue reading “Do Actors Deserve To Be Paid?”

April 2016 – A look back in hunger


Well now! It’s been quite a month. Over my two-week posting period of March I managed four challenge pieces and an article. I promised to do better in April. In fact, I promised 30 pieces. This didn’t happen. There are several excuses I could make for this but none of them are very compelling. Suffice to say that I failed my April objective. But has it been a total wash? Let’s take a look. Continue reading “April 2016 – A look back in hunger”