A bridge to the stars

A bridge to the stars

We looked up at the stars one day,
Aeons ago, in simpler skies,
And dreamed of climbing milky stairs,
And finding heaven’s treasures there:
We’d plunder wonders and devise,
A game for us to play.

We fancied we wore Nature’s Crown
And though we were so very little
We strove so hard to rise above,
The grubby ground – we threw out love,
And didn’t let our broken-brittle
Human essence weigh us down.

And so we flew, so high, so grand
We fought us into different tribes,
And tore into a thousand parts
Our union-blood and common-hearts,
And build our nations great divides
Of property and stolen land.

And still we rupture and we fray
Our numbers swell, our cultures shrink
And more and more the sorrow grows,
The pain a tortured species knows,
We stuff the void with stuff and drink
A lonely toast to our decay.

Humanity’s no longer whole.
So now we live in tribes of one.
We built a bridge to reach the stars,
But paid too high a price, and scarred
Indelibly our common bonds,
And tore apart our souls.

I wrote this with @TheLadyAmelia for a #20MinutePoetryChallenge where our starter word was ‘Public’.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or hitting me up on twitter @Sellpen.

Peace xx


Still Life

Still Life

I did a #20MinutePoetryChallenge with TheLadyAmelia and this is what she came up with. I think it’s pretty damned cool 🙂

Amy Writes Poetry

I shall stay


a Lady of Shallot

Pulling threads from my tapestry

instead of adding them.

I shall have less

I shall do less

I shall be less

Until I am only the sum of my thoughts

Translucent on the sunbeams

in the perfect quiet of this room.

I shall light candles

and meditate

and live on the dust that falls from my skin.

Barefoot on the carpet

I shall walk spring meadows

and the distant traffic

will be my sea shore.

I shall uncouple from human speech

I shall become the art within the frame

The upright stone in the sand garden

Poised just so

in this beam of sunlight




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