The Game Renaissance

We are living through a renaissance. The last one went on for four hundred years, and was only noticed after it ended, so you are forgiven for missing this one. Now you know, however, so you have no excuse whatsoever to avoid indulging in it. Take advantage of the golden age in which you exist. Go get some art in you. I am, of course, talking about board games.  Continue reading “The Game Renaissance”


Do Actors Deserve To Be Paid?

Do actors deserve to be paid?


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…all right, look, this is a complicated question and deserves a slightly longer answer than that. I’m a little worried to be writing this because I’m sure that I’m going to tread on a few toes here, but this is a very important topic to me, so I’ll throw my tuppence into the great swirling void that is the internet. Continue reading “Do Actors Deserve To Be Paid?”