Short fiction written on the writing prompt ‘Taboo’. Day 4 of the Writer’s HQ Advent Challenge – 30 mins, no edit, here’s what I got: Continue reading “Taboo”


Challenge #8. Barbarian Drama

Challenge 8

The challenge today comes from @Nathan Redland and is about a Barbarian. This was the brief:

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Challenge #7. Drunk Confessions


Challenge #7

Hrrrrm. Okay, well, for all my good intentions it seems I’ve gone ahead and missed a day. It’s almost one in the morning, and there’s no way I can claim that this is yesterday any more. I just have to face facts. I write best at about midnight, which means I need to be at least a day-in-hand if I want to post something every day. Let’s call the 4th a wash and post this for the 5th then.

Thanks go once more to the lovely Vicky Waters for this challenge: – she gave me the phrase: “Here-this best beloved baby boy, born to rise and fall, both the beginning and the ending written on his face” I had no idea what this would become and boy did it take me by surprise: challenge accepted!  Continue reading “Challenge #7. Drunk Confessions”

Challenge #5. All hail the God of Wealth


Challenge #5

Thanks go to Vicky Waters for this challenge. She gave me the phrase ‘Prosperity wears dark blue and has good skin’ to work with, and this is what happened. Blame her.

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Challenge #4. Child the Orc


Challenge #4

Thanks go to @beardynoise for this challenge. The brief:

The meet-cute bit got a little lost by the wayside in this one, but it DOES involve an orc and a wizard. At least one wizard…  Continue reading “Challenge #4. Child the Orc”