Tarot 01

The First Chapter in a potentially long series about a steampunk magical world where the Tarot function like Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


“I am NOT being the page of Cups!” screamed Lydia, charging down the hall with all of the blind fury that a scorned eleven year old can muster. “I am the Queen of Swords!”. The hallway was long and lined discreetly with coats of arms, suits of armour and stuffed animal heads mounted over guns. Lydia took a swipe at a moosehead as she passed, but it didn’t seem to mind. Lydia’s mother simply stood in the hallway, hands on hips.

“Lydia St. Jude, you will come back here this instant, or by the Tower, you’ll regret it.” Continue reading “Tarot 01”


A Birthday Mishap

The postman arrived unusually early with a large lumpy package under one arm. Amy signed for it and the postman hurried away, looking back over his shoulder at the delivery. Amy took the parcel and placed it on the sofa in the front room. The delivery began to wriggle and squirm to try and free itself from its brown-paper confines. This was curious and unusual behaviour for a package. Most of them, in Amy’s experience, did not do this. She decided to intervene. Tearing open the paper, she saw a small dark blue Dragon that was struggling in a doomed-but-determined sort of a way against the cellophane that bound its wings, and trying to bite through some duct tape with little success. Amy fetched the scissors and freed it. Continue reading “A Birthday Mishap”

Banisher 05

I ignored Ra’ul’s ominous departure. I wasn’t going to be put out by a six-inch Djinni who nibbled on briquettes. I pulled the kitchen table back into place and swept up the charcoal on the floor. Summoning Djinni leaves a mess. I decided that scrubbing the chalk off the floor could wait, since it might actually be useful to have a circle pre-made in the house. I left for milk and toilet paper, and came back with a box of doughnuts and twenty mini cookies. Picture of health, me. Yes, I know junk food will kill you, but so will fighting Nightmares for a living. Let’s see which does me in first. Continue reading “Banisher 05”

Banisher 04

Lewes was in many ways a bust. We came back with more questions than vampires. Typically, this is a win, but Jess was annoyed that we’d let the Elder Vampire get away. She stormed off as soon as we got back into Brighton, taking half of the money and swearing that she’d help me finish the job just as soon as her show’s opening night was out of the way. At least one of us had our priorities straight. As for me, I counted us both lucky. We dusted a minor vamp, and then almost got whacked by the Nightmare of Lewes castle, which sounded like a Nancy Drew manuscript. One that got rejected because it turns out that the mystery creature in the castle was an elder vampire with killer dress sense that Nancy Drew is frankly ill-equipped to deal with. It wasn’t her that worried me, though. She was just a vampire, and we could find her and be better prepared. At least Vampires I knew how to kill. No, what worried me was the Shade she had with her. It gave me all kinds of bad feelings, and I went to sleep still running its words over in my head.

(Computer problems mean that Banisher 03 is temporarily missing, sorry. In it, Nathan and Jess found and killed Simon the Vampire Accountant and then went toe-to-toe with a scary Elder Vampire lady and her weird shadow-demon thing. No-one died and the Elder Vamp escaped. Now you’re all caught up -SellPen.)  Continue reading “Banisher 04”

Banisher 02

I picked up Jess on the way to Beverly’s house. Jess was my partner-in-crime and fellow witch-hunter. She was a Director by actual profession and worked in theatres all the time. As such, she was pulling in only slightly less money than my unemployed self. She was a Seer, like me, and a wonderful creative individual with many talents, unlike me. She was also just the best at fighting Nightmares. I once saw her punch a ghost so hard it imploded. I don’t even know how that works, but it did. Ectoplasm everywhere. Continue reading “Banisher 02”