Still Life

Still Life

I did a #20MinutePoetryChallenge with TheLadyAmelia and this is what she came up with. I think it’s pretty damned cool 🙂

Amy Writes Poetry

I shall stay


a Lady of Shallot

Pulling threads from my tapestry

instead of adding them.

I shall have less

I shall do less

I shall be less

Until I am only the sum of my thoughts

Translucent on the sunbeams

in the perfect quiet of this room.

I shall light candles

and meditate

and live on the dust that falls from my skin.

Barefoot on the carpet

I shall walk spring meadows

and the distant traffic

will be my sea shore.

I shall uncouple from human speech

I shall become the art within the frame

The upright stone in the sand garden

Poised just so

in this beam of sunlight




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I’m sorry I touched you

I’m sorry I touched you

This is the second Advent Writing Challenge from Writers HQ. Find a card from PostSecret that resonates with you and explore it. Write around it for 20 minutes, focusing on how it FEELS and then try and sum up the nugget of Human Truth in the story. This was how mine went.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Rape/Non-Consensual, Child Abuse Continue reading “I’m sorry I touched you”

April 2016 – A look back in hunger


Well now! It’s been quite a month. Over my two-week posting period of March I managed four challenge pieces and an article. I promised to do better in April. In fact, I promised 30 pieces. This didn’t happen. There are several excuses I could make for this but none of them are very compelling. Suffice to say that I failed my April objective. But has it been a total wash? Let’s take a look. Continue reading “April 2016 – A look back in hunger”

March 2016 – A look back in hunger.


So I’ve had this site up for about two weeks, in which time I’ve written four challenge-pieces and an article. That’s in many ways a success. I’ve certainly written a great deal more in the last fortnight than I did in the preceeding one. It’s still not enough. I’d like to be updating the content daily, but it’s not an easy thing to motivate oneself. Still. I intend to make it harder to procrastinate. I shall make a public declaration and then have to stick to it or face anonymous ridicule and silent mockery from the internet masses. For every day this month, I will post something new. It might not be very good, or very long, but it will be new. You might get a Haiku if the inspiration bottle is running low, but I pledge that there will be at least 30 new pages of content by the end of April. Starting with this one, here, today.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s commented on my stuff – it makes it much easier to write the next thing if people are engaging with my work. Even if you dislike it, or have criticism, I’d love to hear it. It’s nice to know that people are reading my things and that this site isn’t just me howling noiselessly into the void. I’m off to get to work on my next thing which you’ll see tomorrow. I look forward with a cautious optimism to May 1st 2016 where I’ll take a look back at this month and see how I did. Until then, thank you, whoever you are. By reading this, you give meaning to my blog.
Till tomorrow,